Saturday, 17 January 2015

A preview of us

Hi, everyone!
Hope you have all been well.
Apologies for the lack of blogging this week; I have been so busy/ tired/ lazy these last few days.

Tuesday evening after work, my boyfriend came to pick me up and treated me out to dinner... just because. It was neither of our birthdays, anniversary or Valentines. We just fancied a date night.
I love how after one year+ of being together, we still make the effort to go out on lovely little dates and enjoy eachother's company. We still try out new restaurants as well as stick to old ones *ahem Miller and Carter's* (BEST steak place ever).

I needed an outfit that would be suitable for both a day in the office and a meal in the evening so I opted for an embroidered lace top (Miss Selfridge), plain black jeans (Miss Selfridge) and black ankle boots. I kept my makeup minimal but enough to show that I had made some sort of effort, yet not too over-the-top for work.

We visited Beef and Pudding in Manchester. The venue was cosy and relaxed, but the high chairs they seated us on wasn't the most comfortable. However, I must admit how impressed I was with the staff when dealing with our request to change seats. Professional staff members ALWAYS makes a meal more pleasant.

For starters, I ordered "Dripping pig ribs" whilst Tom ordered "Cracked black pepper potato skins" (his second choice since his first choice was not available). My ribs were ah-may-zinggg. Much bigger portion than I had thought but we had no problem in finishing them. The waiter even told me how Tom can help me finish them when bringing the plates over to us. "I may not seem like I can eat a lot, but I can"- I replied. The waiter just chuckled and walked off. 

For mains, I ordered a "Prime English fillet steak- 8 oz". I was contemplating between that or "Grilled Irish sea lobster" but my love for steak ended up winning. Tom ordered "The beef ham tower", and a tower it was!
My steak was cooked to perfection (medium rare) and tasted pretty damn good. The ribs beforehand had already taken up half of my stomach though so I couldn't finish my main. Tom picked away at my chips despite having his own (as per usual) but I never mind or since it would end up going to waste anyway.

At this point of the meal, we were just too full to move or to order anything more. So we sat there goofing around, being our silly immature selves whilst taking selfies and mooing at eachother. (There was a cow on the wall since we were at "BEEF and pudding") so we were making silly jokes like "can we MOOOOve" and "stop being MOOOdy". Who could have guessed that we were 23 years old, eh? That's the best thing about our relationship- the fact that we can be as weird and comfortable around each other as we like without being judged.

You would think that our date night would end there, but being the little piggies that we are, we ended up heading over to Wasabi for dessert. I was craving for their "tau fu fa" and Tom wanted to grab a bubble tea. It was his first time trying tau fu fa despite me ordering it whilst with him in the past. "It smells like tofu"........... yes, Tom....... silly boy!
The extra bags in the image below were tau fu fa and bubble teas to take away he had ordered for his family, such a sweetie. I love how well he treats his mother!

Okay, so that's our "date night" covered in a short blog post.
How do we spend our days?

A typical daytime date for us would consist of lunch/ cinemas/ coffee shop/ shopping- you know, the usual.
Today, we spent it in Arndale Centre since Tom wanted to buy a Macbook Pro for his Graphics Design work. Whilst waiting, we took some pictures. How attractive do we look?

I think the real highlight of today was when we gave food to a homeless man. It was Tom's idea. He decided to buy the man a hotdog since he was buying one for himself.
It was nice to see how grateful the homeless man was today. He responded with a great big smile on his face whilst saying "thank you so much, bless your souls".
No matter how many times I hand food over to a homeless person, I still feel this sense of gratitude and a rush of happiness to be able to help another person without receiving anything in return.

So this was the first time I have introduced my boyfriend into my blog, hope I didn't bore anyone!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Keep smiling, keep inspiring.
Love L x.


  1. I've just come across your blog and I'm so happy I did! It seems you had an amazing time and I too give the homeless food when I can. Thank you for having a warm heart Xx

    1. Thanks for your comment and aww, same goes for you. It's nice to give without expecting anything in return isn't it? :)

  2. Beautiful lace blouse! And the food looks so yummy!

    1. Thanks Jeanne! I'm sure you have noticed that I am a big fan of lace :P xx