Saturday, 18 July 2015


Hi, everyone!

Big big apologies for going AWOL for the last 2/3 months. Life has been pretty crazy but damn amazing recently. Thailand for 32 days (MANNN, WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!) and now in Australia. Still feels surreal that I am here, but the surroundings around me; the beautiful city lights; the fast-paced environment and my random rushes of feeling home-sick constantly remind me that I am no longer in the UK.

I cannot even begin to explain every event that has happened so far (that can only mean there will be plenty of blog posts to come- hopefully soon) but here is a quick summary:

- I RODE AN ELEPHANT FOR THE FIRST TIME- BAREBACK!!! Yes, caplocks were necessary to emphasise my excitement!
- Also first time on a Tuk Tuk, Longtail boat, Speedboat, Pedal boat, Ferry, Thai bike, and every form of possible transport you can think of in Thailand (except motorbikes since we were advised not to rent one).
- Received 8 Thai massages, (They were just too good- and well worth the price!).
- Went mountain trekking and then played games around the campfire (Only thing I can advise here is bring lots of water, and I mean LOTS of it- and [obviously] make sure to never go alone).
- Visited multiple temples; I lost count after 6 or 7.
- Went to the zoo!
- Went bamboo rafting!
- Built a dam for the villagers.
- Painted a school wall and met/ played with some of the children.
- Tried snorkeling and kayaking despite not being able to swim.
- Of course went to many food markets and restaurants, everyone knows how much I love food!
- Chilled on the beach, sipping on watermelon shakes and various fruit juices.
- KO'ed by Thailand's (in)famous buckets- more than once.
- Saw a ladyboy show.
- Can officially say that I have eaten a Scorpion's head, and yes- it was disgusting!
- Lived in luxury at Chatrium's 5 star hotel, what better way to round off an amazing holiday.

So yeah... that was my time in Thailand. Missing it so much. Vlogs to come soon, I promise!!

Some of my favourite images taken from my camera:

Australia so far? Watch this space and I'll keep you guys informed shortly!

Keep smiling, keep inspiring.
Love L x.


  1. in love with your blog hun! xo

    1. Thanks lovely!
      Do you use bloglovin? I'll follow you! :) x