Tuesday, 31 May 2016

How to survive lengthy bus journeys

Hi, everyone!

Sending greetings from New Zealanddd!
It is absolutely freezing here, but the scenery here is making every minute of our trip so worthwhile!

Today's post is about surviving lengthy bus journeys (as the title already suggests, but may also be applied to other forms of transport too).
I feel like I have definitely experienced enough bus journeys during my travels over the past year to share a few things I have learnt along the way.

My first overnight bus journey was in Thailand this time last year, and I have to admit that it was not my favourite part of the trip. Since then, I have traveled Australia's East Coast via bus (Premier Motor Service) and New Zealand's South Island via Stray. So here are some quick tips on how I have learnt to deal with long bus journeys.

1) Invest in a travel pillow!
I cannot stress enough how much I love my "Cabeau memory foam evolution pillow". Even the name sounds cool, right?! My boyfriend bought me this as a surprise gift, and honestly, it has got to be one of my favourite presents from him. I have used it on every single bus journey in Australia and now New Zealand, and it really has made my journeys so much more comfortable. (Not being sponsored haha).

2) Plan your meals ahead of time.
By this, I mean be prepared in what you eat the day/ night before your (sometimes dreaded) journey. Buses/ coaches don't always have toilets on board and toilet breaks could take over an hour. Therefore, if spicy food makes you go toilet- then do not consume any! Too much info? Sorry, needed to be said. :P

3) Stay hydrated.
Drink plenty of water, yes. But again, if there is no toilet on your bus then time it so that you won't be bursting before you reach the next toilet stop. Your driver would normally tell you how long it is to the next location and what breaks are in between.

4) Entertainment.
Update your music/ bring a book/ download some movies, then simply "sit back, relax and enjoy the ride".
There is nothing worse than being bored for hours on end- 2 hours will feel like 10, so imagine how long a 10 hour ride will feel? Now, if you are EXTRA prepared, invest in a portable charger so that your devices will never run out of battery.

5) Wrap up warm.
Even if it is 28 degrees outside, STILL bring a jacket, a scarf or some sort of blanket. The majority of buses have aircon, and believe me, it can get pretty chilly after a few hours. I had to learn this the hard way.

6) Snacks.
Shout out to all the foodies out there! You guys will understand how much a difference a packet of biscuits, crisps (Australian's may refer to these as chips) or sweets can be. I get peckish pretty easily, especially when scrolling down Instagram/ Snapchat and see all the amazing meals people are posting so having just something to munch on will fill that gap.

7) Motion-sickness.
This may not apply to everyone but for those who also have motion sickness like myself- remember to take your tablets (normally 30 minutes) in advance! Have a spare bag and tissues just incase.
For extra precaution, you may even wear motion sickness bands- my friend and I have come to the conclusion that these bands hurt so much that it actually distracts you from the motion sickness itself. Whether they actually work or not- doubtful...
One more thing- try sitting at the front of the bus.

8) Dress comfortably.
Girls, it is completely okay to not look your best. Loose t-shirts, hoodies and a pair of leggings is the way to go. Sleeping in jeans or a dress can be such a pain (for me anyway). You will find that most people around you will be in the same attire, and nobody really cares about their appearance when traveling.

Some points although obvious, are often forgotten about so I hope that you all found this post somewhat useful!
Until next time.

Keep smiling, keep inspiring.
Love L x.

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