Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Post travel thoughts

Hi everyone,

It has been a long while since I last wrote on here. But a sudden pop of inspiration and urge to write has brought me back tonight (I didn't mean for that to rhyme).

(I actually started this post a few months back but couldn't bring myself to finish or publish it until now).

So here goes, "post travel thoughts".

Traveling isn't free. You got to work to pay for it, even if that means 7 days a week with no time off. People often see the highs but dispose of the lows. Being able to travel doesn't run solely on "luck". Sometimes, it's about wanting something and doing whatever the hell you need to do to achieve it. It's about putting in time to plan and hard work to make it happen. I can honestly say that I am proud of myself to be able to do what I did.

But what happens after 1 year+ away?
Most people are scared to return home after traveling. Simply because the majority of us have no job to return to, no house, no car. We will return with less money than we left with, but feeling richer than ever. Rich with experiences, with friendships and rich with memories we can forever look back on.

But that's not all. Traveling is a risk we take when we decide to leave our lives behind. It is expensive and it is not as easy as it looks. Plane journeys are horrible and overnight buses are a pain- literally. Hostels (backpackers life) can be dirty and people may steal your food. Your hair becomes dry because you may not condition it as often as before, and you will learn to appreciate a clean towel and a home cooked meal.
There is no doubt in any of that, but traveling is the best thing I chose to do. It changes us as a person, and it changes our perspectives and outlook on life.
We learn, we grow, we overcome and we realise what truly matters.

You will meet all kinds of people, from all over the world. Some you will have an instant spark with, and others you may struggle to find a connection or topic to simply keep the conversation flowing. You may not necessarily have anything in common, but that will not matter as long as you share that same love for travel, or the way you both admire how the sun disappears in the horizon.

Since coming back, I have realised how much yet how little has changed. Everyone is still living the same as they did before: same jobs, same locations, same lifestyle. I'm not saying that's bad, just that I haven't missed out on as much as I thought I would.

When I first came back (last week of June), I was happy to be reunited with my family and friends again. But shortly after my arrival, I couldn't help but wish I was back in Australia again. I was so nostalgic that every night before bed, I would look back to pictures on my phone just to reminisce a certain moment. How depressing- right?!
It's crazy and scary and exciting how "home" doesn't have to be the place you grew up, but instead where you "grew" as a person. Where you found the "best version of yourself". And don't we ALL speak about finding and being that person?

After 3 months of being back, what I have finally come to realise is that (as corny as it sounds), happiness truly DOES come from within; not from a holiday destination or a travel location.
Whoever you are when traveling, whatever feelings you have and whatever you like about yourself, bring all of that back with you. Bring the best version of yourself HOME with you.
I have accepted that the person that left UK back in May 2015, isn't the same person that returned June 2016, and that is completely okay.

Before I left Engand, I often worried about the future and stressed over things that weren't even worth my time. But when I moved to Australia, I was so happy and free and inspired; so I thought to myself- why not bring that part of me back to England? The answer is- I can, and I have. So I wanted to share this with all of you, to say that you can too.
Don't allow your days to be dull and grey. Be the positive and happy person that you are whilst on holiday. Remember that you are STILL you, wherever in the world you are.
And I am still me whether I am in Australia, in Thailand, or in England. 

I hope I managed to make some sense tonight. It's currently 1am and I have had a busy day at work so forgive me for the babble and any typing errors.
Oh! Career update: I decided to try something new. Every day is challenging and exciting so I'm constantly learning which is great!!!

Thanks for reading! :)

Keep smiling, keep inspiring.
Love L x.

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New Zealand, 2016.

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